Proposals for six classrooms, in six different schools, for the Municipality of Ashdod.  The proposals were submitted to the “Merchavei M-21” program of the Ministry of Education, and were all chosen by the Ministry to receive budgeting.

“Merchavei M-21” is a program initiated by the Ministry of Education, designed to enable rethinking of the learning spaces within the classroom and its surroundings. This is in accordance with innovative teaching strategies, which invite and empower unique learning processes.

Our planning principles:

Personalization – personal learning spaces, smart-school environment

Collaboration – physical: learning-events, virtual: collaborative learning enablers

Information – anytime, anywhere

Globalization – collective discourse

Value – flexibility, the element of surprise, entrepreneurship and innovation

Inclusion – creation, experimentation, encounters with mentors

Architectural and iconographic innovation

Dynamic spaces – holistic classes without dictated physical boundaries or traditional hierarchy, a space which allows diverse learning and teaching methods

Multiple possibilities for unification and subdivision of spaces

Flexible and versatile use

Integration of technological means

Visual text as a significant design component

Versatility in levels and learning aids – floor, stool, chair, bar stool, standing

Three dimensional  spatial thinking – a transition from horizontal to vertical: stairs, ramps, balconies


Planning team: Architects Doron Vider, Ido Shavit, Marryann Meirovich and Daniel Gityeni

Renders: Ari Brook