Competition entry for city of Haifa. Received 2nd prize. a collaboration with Architect Idit Gezin.

The city of Haifa is facing a transformation of character. Once it was a quiet working class town with the perfect location: where the Carmel Mountain reaches the Mediterranean Sea. Today the city is striving for a fresh agenda that will attract younger residents and visitors in order to reclaim her centrality as the major city of the north. The Carmel’s district is made of several neighborhoods, located along the main traffic route of the Carmel ridge.  It is considered a well-to-do area, with good educational institutions and middle to upper class population. The Carmel’s center is characterized by an urban life style where culture, leisure and recreational activities are easily accessed. The role of the Carmel is to become the attractor for strong population to Haifa.     The proposal suggested an innovative approach to regenerate the commercial strip of the Carmel ridge by introducing a network mechanism, to coordinate interventions in the public domain.