Urban Shade Competition invited by Design museum of Holon 

In collaboration with HQ architects

Where? Weizmann Sq. Holon // What? Shading solution

The Issue of shade has two faces. The first and obvious is the fact that the shade
keeps moving during the day and through the time of year. The second is not less
important – often we want the shade to go away. Sunny winter-day is one of those
We could overcome those issues in a very sophisticated, technological, complex way
but we chose to rely on the humankind instincts – a system that each one would be
able to decide, maneuver and place his or her piece of shade – PICK YOUR OWN
Our proposal is simple: creating a comfortable, encouraging surface in the middle of
the square that generates activities, meetings, plays. Above it, hovering and available
for use, are personal shades that can be relocated according to one’s activity. It’s
simple, repetitive, reusable and generates continuous change in the square.